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What is AYP?

What is AYP?

The patent pending Auto Yoke Project is a device that is capable of providing continuous aileron input with the intent of assisting the pilot in maintaining the desired flight path during long VFR cross country flights. It does that while being temporarily attached to the control yoke (or stick) in a similar fashion a map holder would be attached (velcro, rubber bands, suction cup etc)

Due to the nature of the installation, no airframe alteration form ("337") is necessary, and the system can be removed or disabled at any time without using any tools or equipment.

As an extra functionality, the integrated LCD display offers attitude and heading information independently of the vacuum system.


1-axis auto pilot capability

portable device: no installation necessary

cost effective alternative to conventional systems

Backup AHRS using solid state gyros

VFR into IMC emergency remedy - automatically fly a teardrop course reversal with a push of a button

Why use AYP?

  • Pleasure for flying

    reduce pilot workload by transferring the repetitive and monotonous task of tracking the assigned heading to AYP.

  • Cost-effective

    do this at a fraction of the cost of classic auto pilot installations

  • Enhanced safety

    enhance overall flight safety by reducing pilot fatigue during long

What use AYP?

How does it work?

Using the data from the AHRS module and the desired flight path as a target, the AYP will slide a calibrated weight laterally along the width of the yoke causing it to rotate.

This device has no fuselage attachment points and it uses the gravity (through weight shifting) to develop the torque necessary for aileron inputs. The mechanical part of the AYP works similarly to a pendulum.

The system has a switch to select from various methods of operation : wings level, hold heading, flight plan, and off.

In an emergency or any other scenario where the pilot needs to override the AYP inputs, taking control of the airplane is done by manually operating the control wheel, overpowering the torque produced by the 2lbs counterweight.

Our Team

Radu Georgescu

Software Developer, Commercial Pilot and Flight instructor

Responsible for main development, testing and financing of AYP

Adrian Hojda

Airframe Engineer

Responsible for technical documentation, product development and testing


Accomplished milestones

  • Aug 2020

    Radu Georgescu and Adrian Hojda have the idea to create AYP

  • Nov 2020

    first functional version of AYP is developed using 3D printer mechanical components

  • Dec 2020

    first AYP test flight is completed using a Mooney M20C as a test mule.

  • Feb 2021

    work is commenced on the AHRS aspect of the AYP

  • May 2021

    a provisional patent is awarded by USPTO for AYP

  • Jul 2021

    first public display of the AYP happens at EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh, WI

Desired milestones

  • Dec 2021

    further refinement of AHRS unit. Problems: reliable data acquisition using consumer grade electronics

  • early 2022

    cross platform testing on Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee; calibrate for other aircraft

    ... and first autonomous AYP prototype ready for testing

  • mid 2022

    second prototype series available for 3rd party testing and evaluation

  • late 2022

    limited production and public availability of samples

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